May 7th SET


The Cross County Amateur Radio Club participated in the Department of Defense and ARRL’s simulated emergency test held on May 7, 2016. In this exercise we simulated an Earthquake and handled communications traffic for Cross, Monroe, Woodruff, and St. Francis Counties going out to state agencies.

 We had nine volunteers from the Cross County Amateur Radio Club participate in the exercise with three new FCC Licensed amateur radio operators and guests. The Exercise was based in Cross County at the ARES/RACES EOC located at the Wynne Fire Department.

 The Exercise was started at 9am with the setting up of an inflatable tower which was used in the communications between the EOC and surrounding counties for relay to state nets. The Districts Net started a 10 am and went till 12 pm noon.

 In this exercise we were able to demonstrate our ability to provide emergency communication. Donating over a total of 20 man hours, in the planning and carrying out of this Simulated Emergency Test. Our thanks go out to those that participated and helped make this planning and training exercise happen.