Cross County ARC S.E.T

The Cross County Amateur Radio Club sponsored a S.E.T on Nov 4 at 9:30 am involving Cross County, and Woodruff County. The Cross County Judge Donnie Sanders and Kitty Binghan kg5mzj, observed the event at the Cross County Amateur Radio Emergency Operating Center Stationed at the Wynne Fire Department. The event included Contacts and message handling over two Repeaters in the Eastern Arkansas Area. The Simulated Emergency Test net started at 10 am and was completed at 11 am and included 10 checkins.

The DEC & Cross County EC William Nicholson w5wpn and Woodruff County EC Marion Terhune ke5wwo served to represent their respective communities in this S.E.T. The S.E.T. served communities in 3 Counties and Totaled 11 man hours of community service for the members of the Cross County Amateur Radio Club.