The Cross County Amateur Radio Club is located in North East Arkansas and is based in Wynne Arkansas which is the County seat for Cross. We meet on the 3th thursday’s of each month at 7pm local time. Contact one of the members listed on the membership list for the location. The Cross County Amateur Radio Club began in December of 1992 as the Cross County RACES and ARES organization. Bill Nicholson W5WPN was appointed EC and RACES Officer for Cross County. He Called a group of local hams together and formed the Cross Woodruff Amateur Radio Assoc. Now called the Cross County Amateur Radio Club we have grown in both side and scope. The Cross Coumty Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL Affiliated Special Services Club. CCARCs purpose is to promote radio knowledge and provide Emergency Services though amateur radio.


The CCARC’s Educational Programs are aimed at helping the Cross County community by providing hands on training for students and individuals who have an interest in communications and Emergency Services or have an interest in Amateur Radio
Local school programs have included most of the scchools here in Cross County. Some of which are Wynne, Cherry Valley, Hickory Ridge, and Vandale. Many of the students have learned about Amateur Radio and what its offers its community as well as how much fun amateur radio can be. They have also got their first introduction in to the world of technology, applied science, and electronics.
The Cross County Amateur Radio Club also provides Classes on a demand basis for indivduals who are interested in gaining their Amateur Radio License. The Cross County Amateur Radio Club holds a number of activities through out the year to help new ar poltential new amateur radio operators learn about the amateur radio hobby and it’s many benefits.
The Cross County Amateur Radio Club will be holding VE Testing on the 3th Thursday of the month at 8:30pm. In the CrossRidge Hospital cafeteria in Wynne AR. Contact Terry Busby for more information. Preregistration is required.

Contact:Terry Busby W5ARS Email
For more information!

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