Emergency Services


The Cross County Amateur Radio Club and its members work within ARES and RACES organizations to assist County, State And Federal Leaders in providing aid to the community in times of civil emergencies.
“Amateur Radio Emergency Service” is an ARRL national based organization of licensed Amateur Radio Operators. These volunteers give their time and equipment to help their community by providing communications and other services not available at the time.
“Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service” is an organization that is sponsored by FEMA the “Federal Emergency Management Agency” and provides communications for local leaders during emergencies.


Skywarn is a program sponsored by NOAA the National Weather Service. The NWS provides the necessary training to the Skywarn volunteers. Providing trained volunteers to serve as the eyes and ears of the community, During severe weather conditions. The National Weather Service then uses these reports to help with issuing severe weather warning. The Cross County Amateur Radio Club is the oldest Skywarn organization in Cross County. Serving as trained volunteers to watch the skys and weather conditions when conditions warrant. This service {Skywarn} like ARES and RACES is provided to the community at no charge.