VE Testing

CCARC VE Testing The Cross County Amateur Radio Club is now providing VE testing as part of its Amateur Radio Community Services. These amateur radio licensing test sessions will be provided on a monthly basis, inconjunction with its monthly club meetings. The ARRL VE Liaison is Terry W5ARS and may be contacted for more information. Send him an Email. In an effort to better serve the amateur radio community, it is necessary that anyone interested in taking an amateur radio licensing test at one of these sessions, PLEASE provide prior notification in advance of the test date. If prior notification can not be made you are welcome to attend the club meeting and check then to see if a test session is set. However, with out prior notification we can not promise that the required VEs will be available to give the test.

Location: CrossRidge Hospital {Class room}
Town: Wynne Ar
Date: 3th Thursday of each month
Time: 8:00pm

Date & Time

The Cross County Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring VE testing on the 3th Thursday of each month. The time of the tests to be following the club meeting at 8:00pm.

DATE: 3th Thursday of each month.
TIME: 8:00pm

You will need to bring these items to the testing session with you:
A copy of you current license.
Any CSCEs issued within the last year.
A picture ID.
The required Examination Fee ($15) Please have exact change

For more information please contact Terry Busby W5ARS email him at!